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Structures of frameless glass

Partitions of tempered glass not only separate the spaces but also enliven the interior. Partitions of frameless glass are placed not only in living rooms, but also in banks, administrative offices, treatment institutions, it can also be installed in a bathroom, separate the kitchen from the living room or the saloon of the working room. Partitions can be made from tempered glass of 6-19mm thick which is clear, tinted, decorated with film, screen printing, engraved, curved, patterned, laminated glass, there can be LED lights installed in the glass.

Glass used for partitions can be covered with a protective film that protects against quick burglary or injury if glass breaks. The glass may be also covered with a protective nano coating that repels water, dirt so the glass stays clean and it is easier to maintain for a longer time.

Frameless glass partitions with hinged doors are one of the most popular partitioning systems. They are not only functional, but stylish, and is a fine decoration for contemporary interiors. Thanks to contemporary production technology of glass it is possible to glass walls of different configurations and sizes.

There is only tempered glass, usually 10 mm thick, of different shades used for a production. There can be single or double doors installed in partitions. Structures of frameless glass are appreciated for their mobility - the structures can be easily rebuilt in another location if needed.

We implement a wide range of customer's visions in accordance with the customer's needs:

• Partitions of frameless glass
• Sliding systems of frameless glass
• The glass swing doors
• Glass sliding doors
• Showers
• Glass display cases
• Glass roofs, canopies
• Glass floors