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Stairs is one of the most effective and important details of an interior and exterior of a private house or a public building, so it is important to perfectly adapt the stairs in their allotted space. It is important to provide and coordinate construction of stairs at the beginning of building, to ensure the durability and comfortability of stairs. Every staircase is individual in their design and construction. Stairs may be of different type: wooden, concrete, metal, straight, screw, for private homes, offices or large public building.

Metal stairs

Stairs are mainly used in public facilities such as the main or evacuation stairs, it is also possible as stairs of interior or exterior in private homes. In most cases there is a model which steps are of a shape of an open box used which can be filled with concrete, parquet, linoleum, carpet, wood or any other material. Outdoor stairs are made of galvanized or stainless steel.

Glass stairs

Glass is the most modern detail of interior which provides the feeling of infinite space for the stairs. Glass stairs can be of a variety of models and configurations. Steps can be covered with non-slip coating.

Wooden stairs

Wooden stairs can be of various models: open, closed, with turning, etc. Depending on the project, steps can be mounted on strings or fixed into stringers. There can be different types of wood used for wooden stairs, but we recommend to use hardwood: oak, ash, beech.