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Metal & Glass railing systems
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Indoor & outdoor handrails

There are different materials used for indoor and outdoor handrails used: black painted steel, stainless steel, glass, wood, grills and other material. Handrails can be with glass between pillars or a construction of frameless glass. Depending on the design characteristics, glass can be tempered, tempered-laminated, matted or tinted. Possible options for the armrest: stainless steel, black painted steel or wood. The glass may be decorated with different ornaments using monochrome or colour films with an application of contemporary techniques. Installation of stainless steel handrails with glass is carried out using high-quality and certified installation elements.

Glass can be used not only in the constructions of stainless steel handrails, but also in the protective fences of balconies or terraces or other constructions provided to the client's request.
The handrail is designed to ensure a comfortable movement by the stairs, therefore the handrail should be as strong as possible.